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2010 Red Sox Preview In Rhyme
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Twas The Night Before Opening Day


Twas the night before Opening Day

April in Beantown

Bleacher creatures lined up

For tickets on Lansdowne


The rest of the fans

Were snug in their beds

While visions of pennants

Waved in their heads


From Ft. Myers to Boston

Came the gear in the trucks

And hopes for October

With a parade aboard ducks


The battle will be fierce

With the Yankees & Rays

The Orioles improved

Perhaps too the Blue Jays


New owners took over

In two-thousand and two

And helped erase

Eighty-six year’s taboo


Goodbye to the curse

Of the Bambino

A new era with Henry

Werner, Lucchino


A boy wonder GM

The pride of Brookline

Monkey business aside

Theo’s done fine


Diehards felt like they’d died

And gone to baseball heaven

Not just O-Four

But another ring in O-Seven


The fans are all hoping

The Sox can do it again

Win the World Series

In Two-Thousand-Ten


A historic franchise

Look no further for proof

Than the Hall of Fame numbers

On the right field roof


With the addition of Lackey

The rotation looks richer

There’s always room for another

Number one pitcher


DelCarmen, Ramirez

Okijima and Bard

Will be called on to keep

The ball in the yard


If the starters and bullpen

Make good on their chances

All will rejoice come autumn

As Paplebon dances


Can Dice-K return

To an 18-win season?

If the Sox win it all

That could be the reason


Can Wake set more records?

If his body is able?

Will the knuckleball dance?

Will it fall off the table?


Lester’s the man

Or is Beckett the ace?

Both All-Stars can catapult

The Sox to first place


Young gun Clay Bucholz

He’s part of the equation

Another great arm

In the deep Sox rotation


Will the offense measure up?

Can Cameron pick up the slack?

With JBay now gone

Who will lead the attack?


Leading off is Jacoby

He set the record for steals

With a slick glove in left

And a sweet set of wheels


The second baseman Pedroia

Is one the fans love

Rookie of the Year, MVP

Don’t forget the Gold Glove


At first and at third

Youk flashes the leather

An All-Star bat in the lineup

Each year he gets better


Lowell is back

The trade didn’t get done

The doctor said something

Is wrong with Mike’s thumb


His teammates are happy

The World Series star will return

Proving the front office wrong

Should make 25’s fire burn


Signed from Seattle

Another new face

Adrian Beltre

Will start at third base


Newcomer Marco

Takes over in the middle

Can Scutaro solve

The Sox’ shortstop riddle?


A trade with the Indians

Last year for the stretch

Delivered us VMart

To bat third and catch


JD Drew batted eighth

Amazing as that seems

He would hit third or fourth

On most other teams


Coming off the bench

Hermida, Lowrie & Hall

To fill the void

Should a starter fall


Last but not least

The captain is back

Varitek will keep

The pitchers on track


It’s Tito Francona

At the helm of the ship

Guiding a course

For another playoff trip


The fans without tickets

Rely on radio and TV

Who’s better in high def

Than Heidi Watney?


Orsillo’s play-by-play

Remy adds spice

Back in the studio

The Eck & Jim Rice


Over the airwaves we listen

To the familiar tone

Of  the voices of Dave O’Brien

And Joe Castiglione


Traffic jams Kenmore Square

Some fans take the trolley

Young children are thrilled

To meet the mascot named Wally


From New Hampshire & Connecticut

Rhode Island, Maine & Mass

Fans from all of New England

Surround Fenway’s green grass


The Rooters are many

As they loudly fill the stands

Exhorting the players

Of their season’s demands


Take off the tarp

Pour the first beer

Dust of home plate

Time to start a new year


The bunting is hung

Around the box seats with care

The atmosphere is intense

Like Papelbon’s stare


The Dropkick Murphy’s play

Guitars and bagpipes

As the home team gets ready

To battle pinstripes


Air Force jets fly over

A giant flag drops from the wall

Pesky throws out the first pitch

The ump cries, “Play ball!”


“Getcha hot dogs here!

Getcha Fenway Franks”

A new season begins

Bring on the Yanks!




With apologies to Clement C. Moore but not Roger Clemens or Matt Clement.

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